Our Urgent Care providers treat minor illnesses and injuries of patients 18 years and older.

When should you go to Urgent Care?

You should seek care at an urgent care facility when you experience:
•  Cold symptoms: headache, cough, congestion
•  Animal/insect bites
•  Minor bone fractures
•  Flu symptoms
•  Ear infections
•  Minor injuries
•  Vomiting/fever
•  Sunburn

When should you go to Emergency Care?

If you experience life threatening symptoms, please call 911.

You should seek emergency care when you experience:
•  Chest pain
•  Difficulty breathing
•  Loss of consciousness
•  Severe abdominal pain
•  Vomiting that is severe and continues for several hours
•  Serious trauma
•  Severe burns
•  Broken bones
•  Seizures
•  Poisoning
•  Deep cuts and abrasions where bleeding is uncontrolled

Urgent Care

233 Doctors Street
Sparta, NC 286875

Telehealth Visits Available

Open Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Located within Alleghany Health Services practice
Enter at Main Entrance of Hospital